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Life Drawing

with Adrian Dutton
£10 happening soon

Bamboo Bicycle

with Bamboo Bicycle Club
£495 happening soon

Woman's Wrestling

with EVE Academy
£10 happening soon

Fermented foods

with Kultured

Beer Brewing

with London Beer Lab
£80 happening soon

All Grain Brewing

with Ubrew
£122 happening soon

Black & White Darkroom Printing

with Bright Rooms
£45 happening soon

Tapestry Weaving

with The London Loom
£65 happening soon

Intermediate Motorcycle Mechanics

with BOLT

Skate Lessons

with Skatefresh
£45 happening soon

Indoor herb garden

with Something London
£24 happening soon

Indoor hanging gardens

with Something London
£32 happening soon

Candle making

with By Laura

Flower crown

with Something London
£32 happening soon

Flower arranging

with Abigail Ahern

Beginners’ houseplant propagation

with Something London
£24 happening soon

Herbs for self-care

with Head & Hands
£52 happening soon

Beginners' Fermentation

with Something London
£33 happening soon

Easter wreath making

with Something London

Dried flower wall hanging

with Head & Hands


with Parade Mews Pottery
£76 happening soon


with Abigail Ahern

Beyond Decorating

with Abigail Ahern

New York is on its way.
I guess we should get doin’ 😅
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